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This is what I've done so far. All deep red lines indicate major regional borders (between silverlands, southern reach, al-ishmar, old lands, serpent isle). Thick black lines serve as a border (so to speak) between the major oceanic/water areas. Thin black lines signify each region's sub-region borders and to occasionally distinguish landmarks from land (such as rivers, lakes, Dwarven Caves...)

The bottom left major region are the Old Lands. Connected to that is Al-Ishmar. To the right of Al-Ishmar is Southern Reach. (I hope you're still with me so far. lol) There is a land bridge of sorts connecting Southern Reach and the middle major region, which is Silverlands. There is another land bridge on the right of Silverlands which connects it with the now enlarged Serpent Isle.


The Death Plains (orange-ish part of map) extends over both Al-Ishmar and Southern Reach. The Great Shield (what looks like little grey rocks on the map) resembles a broken wall between Southern Reach and the Silverlands. Dense forests can be seen (green, looks like grass splotches) to the middle-right in Silverlands and the northwestern tip of Serpent Isle. Lakes can be found on the border between Al-Ishmar and Southern Reach, to the east of the great forests of Serpent Isle but the largest is in the southern tip of Southern Reach. Rivers (blue lines, lol) can be seen in Silverlands, branching off and finally connecting to the ocean. Dwarven Caverns (rather large blue and white mountain shaped item) can be fairly clearly seen in southern Serpent Isle.

Well, what do you think? I added names for the regions and subregions but am temporarily at a loss for what a legend should look like, if you still want one.


Reina Russell (aka "Stigma")